I have a dream that one day ... a software platform developed by "Smart Creatives" from Latin America become in the Global Hotspot for Empirical Software Engineering Research and Software Engineering Education. SmartBoard is the beginning of this dream!

SmartBoard is an integral cloud-based project tracking platform for both professional and learning environments, built from the ground up to support most of the requirements of agile projects. It features a seamless integration with proven best practices for software development that allows professors and students to benefit the most from this tool. SmartBoard offers all the necessary features that allow for project traceability and has been integrated with a proven capstone course framework implementation and startups to ensure the proper fulfillment of most academic and engineering needs.

If you are a Smart Creative and you want to be part of this dream ... Join Us! ... Together, we can grow our SmartBoard community.

If you are a Smart Creative and you want to be part in building this dream with your talents, join our Smart Creative Development Team.


Andrés Neyem, Professor at the Department of Computer Science , Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile .